Slow Fashion made with Passion

It is very important to us to produce our products in an environmentally friendly and as climate-neutral way as possible. We attach importance to compliance with environmental and social standards in every respect.

"Even though it is an ongoing process until maximum sustainability can be implemented at all levels, it is the centre of our motivation."

We are all nature lovers and in no way want to favour the advancing climate change through our production.

Material from fast growing trees

Bamboo and eucalyptus have always been grown without fertilisers and pesticides. They do not require irrigation and are therefore a self-renewing resource.

Natural colours

We mainly use natural dyes for dyeing and batiks, which are environmentally friendly, 100% chemical-free and biodegradable. The water for dyeing is heated by the sun in cisterns. After dyeing, it is extensively filtered and cleaned.

Plastic-free packaging

Every lilikoi garment is packed in a bag sewn from fabric scraps. Another very small family business collects fabric remnants from large productions, which would otherwise be thrown away, and sews our fabric bags from them.

Sustainable shipping in Germany

For shipping the online shop orders, we use used cardboard boxes from surrounding local companies. We only use paper tape made from natural rubber for the boxes. #Reusable carton