We are lucky to have such great people in our team because they are the heart of our brand. Because we produce without time pressure and in a fair way, every single member of our team puts a lot of dedication into their handwork. You can feel that when you wear our clothes.

Batik Art and Dyeing (Tie-Dy)

The art of batik (tie-dy) originates from Bali. The ability to practise this art is passed down from generation to generation. We mainly use natural dyes that have a long colour and light fastness and do not fade when washed.

We have the great fortune to work with a traditional family business that practices its craft with passion. They work in a very environmentally conscious way, for example, the water for dyeing is heated by the sun in cisterns. After dyeing, it is extensively filtered and cleaned before it is returned to the natural cycle of nature. The batik technique used to produce it is extremely complex and time-consuming. Due to the unusual technique and the handwork, each piece of clothing is unique.

Production site

Our entire collection is lovingly handmade in two small sewing workshops without any time pressure. After quality control, each garment is individually packed in fabric bags. For this, another family collects fabric scraps from large productions, which would otherwise end up in the rubbish.

Embrodery/Logo Embroidery

Our logo is embroidered on each garment by another family business.  

Our entire production is plastic-free :)